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Are you looking for Hypnobirthing classes or other support in English?

While I am not a native speaker, English was and is one of my heart languages. During the years I spent in Australia, I got to know and love the language even more. I am happy to be able to support English speaking people with my Hypnobirthing Courses, my Hypnobirthing Coachings and also in a 1:1 setting when it comes to other topics in Winterthur.

Hypnobirthing Group Courses

In my English Hypnobirthing Courses, in a group, you learn all about how to prepare yourself mentally for giving birth. In my cosy room in the heart of Winterthur, in this Hypnobirthing Course, you will get in touch with a new mindset: That giving birth can be gentle, loving, joyful.

Hypnobirthing Coaching

In a 1:1 setting, you and your partner will get to know tools and tricks in order to prepare mentally for your birth using Hypnobirthing. You and the topics that are with you find a safe, intimate space to be looked at. In my cozy room in the heart of Winterthur, get in touch with a powerful, new mindset!

Other support

You feel that the birth that you have experienced is still triggering bad feelings within you? That there are topics in your life that you want to have a close, profound and healing look at?


Need an English Hypnobirthing Coaching or other support using Hypnosis in English?

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with me.

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